who we are

JS Hacks is an umbrella event, hosting a series of local hackathons organized “by developers for developers” dedicated to all those passionate about JavaScript and innovation. The event is open to JavaScript enthusiasts, IT professionals and entrepreneurs.

By organizing JS Hacks across multiple locations in Romania (and abroad) we increase the potential of attracting some of the brightest and talented specialists in the region.

As a 100% community-driven event, JS Hacks is keen on inviting members of developer user-groups, meetups or slacks to join as organizers, volunteers of participants. If you want to bring JS Hacks in your city, please get in touch for more details at [email protected].

3 developer meetup groups joined together to organize JS Hacks 2018 - The AI Edition in Bucharest: AngularJS Bucharest, BucharestAI and BucharestJS.

Our goals

and beliefs

Create sustainable, synergistic and transparent connections among tech communities in Romania and in the region.

Surface valuable opportunities by putting emerging technologies in the hands of talented and innovative people.

Sprout open source projects that can be pursued to create meaningful businesses on the medium-long term.

Why AI


Just as the Industrial Revolution transformed the world during the 18th and 19th centuries, we are facing the dawn of an equally far-reaching artificial intelligence or AI revolution that will be measured in years rather than decades. AI has reached the point where it is capable of surpassing the decision-making of humans in many situations; consistently, accurately, 24/7 and based on more facts.

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